Science in Canada’s North

Supporting Leading Scientists

The Foundation enables leading scientists to pursue rigorous research in Canada’s sensitive northern regions by supporting more than 40 Universities that provide a home base for leading northern scientists. In addition, awards at the Masters, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral level are presented to outstanding students and researchers, whose work spans Canada’s great North during each field season.

The Foundation also supports northern research stations that offer critical support for scientific field research. As the largest private funder of the renewal of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, the Foundation helped to leverage additional funds for the creation of a sustainable facility. Within a very short distance to the Centre, scientists can study a wide variety of habitats and begin to understand how our changing climate affects these areas. Visitors and researchers alike are greeted in the new Weston Family Welcome Centre.

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You can learn more about W. Garfield Weston Fellows on the Awards page.

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