Science in Canada’s North

Canada’s North is a unique and sensitive landscape facing unprecedented challenges. The Foundation champions northern research, raising the profile of northern science and positioning Canadian scientists to contribute in ways that are pertinent, timely and innovative.

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation was a catalyst for a collaborative marine research project involving Parks Canada, ArcticNet and Quebec-Ocean at the HMS Erebeus wreck site. Learn more.

Learn more about the Foundation’s role in the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition and meet the Weston scientists who participated.



Supporting Leading Scientists

Relevant and rigourous research is needed to understand, predict and mitigate the effects of environmental changes.

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Encouraging Collaborations

The cross pollination of ideas is necessary to advance expertise and increase the impact of Canada’s researchers.

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Engaging New Audiences

Programming that reaches audiences of all ages creates greater awareness, understanding and attention to issues facing Canada’s North.

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Awards and Fellowships

This prestigious $50,000 prize recognizes significant contributions that have helped to shape our thinking and understanding of the North. Prize winners Dr. Smol (2013), Dr. Louis Fortier (2012), and Dr. Serge Payette (2011) have all made lasting contributions while cultivating the next generation of northern scientists.

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