Land Conservation

Protecting Critical Habitats

The Foundation is a leader in preserving Canada’s natural legacy, having conserved over 100,000 acres of ecologically significant land from coast to coast. Conserving land and stewarding sensitive landscapes protects species at risk and supports the overall vitality of the land.


Protecting-Critical-Habitats-1Through a unique partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Foundation has supported many conservation initiatives across Canada, including the Musquash Estuary in New Brunswick, Backus Woods in Ontario, and Old Man on His Back in Saskatchewan. Waterton Park Front in Alberta stands today as a landmark achievement, with 32,000 acres now protected in one of the largest private conservation efforts in Canada. Click here to learn more about Waterton Park Front.



The Foundation has been a catalyst for innovative approaches to conservation through its support of Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS). This pioneering initiative helps farmers and ranchers restore natural habitats within the working landscape. The Foundation has worked with the ALUS team to establish a strong model which has now been replicated in communities across Canada.