Scholarship and Award Recipients

The Foundation supports over 300 university and college scholarships annually at over 40 institutions across Canada. Highlighted below are some of the W. Garfield Weston Fellowship recipients from Loyalist College.

Michael Boyle

Electrical Technician – Automation

“Every day if I have to spend four hours working a job, that’s four hours I can’t spend on my textbooks. Being part of the Fellowship motivates me to do better, and helps keep me focused,” Michael says. “I had full intentions of coming here and being successful, but having that Fellowship pushes me the extra mile to show that I deserved it—that I deserve to be here.”

Natalie Stallaert

Welding and Fabrication

Natalie is a talented and motivated individual. Funding from the Foundation means that she has more time with her kids while gaining the skills she needs for a future career in welding. “I’ve paid about $1,600 in equipment alone,” she says. “When you’re a student, some people can work, some people can’t. I have a family. Having a bursary helps—you don’t have to worry as much.”

Nicholas Sweetman

Welding and Fabrication

College wasn’t always part of his plan, but now that Nicholas is in Manufacturing Engineering, he knows his skills will be in demand. “The options, I’m learning, are endless”. A bursary from the Foundation helped him buy a computer for his two-year Manufacturing Engineering Technician program.

Dillon McIntyre

Electrical Technician – Automation

Dillon decided to travel first and study later. He was working in Australia when he learned of the Fellowship, and flew home to study at Loyalist College. He is now pursuing his college diploma in Electrical Technician – Automation. “I’ve always been interested in doing stuff with my hands.”