Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weston Family Foundation?

For three generations, The Weston Family has maintained a tradition of helping charitable organizations make a difference and enhance the quality of life for Canadians.  In the spirit of its founders, the Foundation continues to give grants in Canada for the benefit of Canadians.

Who is Willard Garfield Weston?

Willard Garfield Weston was a Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He established bakeries and other successful enterprises throughout Canada and in many other parts of the world. His philanthropic work in Canada continues through The W. Garfield Weston Foundation. For more information go to: Founder

What is the connection between the Foundation, George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited?

The Weston Family’s charitable giving programs were first established in the 1950s by Willard Garfield Weston and his wife Reta, with a donation of shares from the family company, George Weston Limited. Today this business has grown into Canada’s largest private employer with 200,000 employees. The group of food retailing and baking companies includes not only the original baking division, Weston Foods, but also ACE Bakery and Loblaw Companies Limited. It is the success of these companies, the dedication of their employees and the loyalty of their customers that ultimately enables the Foundation to fulfill its charitable mandate.

Consistent with the heritage and values of the Companies, the grant-making programs of George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited are focused on improving the quality of life in the communities where their employees live and work, For more information please visit: George Weston Limited, Loblaw Companies Limited.

What are the funding guidelines of the Weston Family Foundation?

The Foundation is proactive and focused in its grant making. This allows for more impact and innovation within the charitable organizations that are supported.

The Foundation directs its resources to specific organizations in Education, Land Conservation and Science in Canada’s North. In addition, it provides funds to further Canada’s research in neuroscience.These programs are director-initiated and the Foundation therefore does not accept applications for funding.

What are the application procedures of the Weston Family Foundation?

The Foundation regrets that it is not able to consider support for unsolicited grant applications.

Can individuals or organizations outside of Canada apply for funding?

By law, the Foundation is only able to support Canadian charities that are registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency. These charities must have a CRA charitable number and offer programs benefiting Canadians in Canada.

What are Director Grants?

In addition to its major commitments in Health and Landscapes, the Weston Family Foundation makes a number of grants which the Directors seek out themselves.

Due to the focused and individualized nature of this grant-making, the Foundation does not accept applications for Director Grants.

Who are the Directors?

The majority of the Board is comprised of descendants of Garfield and Reta Weston. For more information go to: History of Giving.








In recent years, the Foundation Board has become more proactive and more narrowly focused in its grant-making.

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